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Company Profile

Carmen’s Logistics and Services is a Limited Liability company, providing Logistical and support services for major mining and its allied companies. Carmen’s Logistics offers global logistics services to meet customer needs. Our success is driven by our people and the commitment to provide the right response to the demanding needs of the mining world; by applying state of the art modern techniques and technology in service delivery.

With offices located in USA and West Africa, we provide complete solution to the mining world. We utilise direct to port system by eliminating transit and complex hubs within the global market to efficiently and effectively deliver on time. The importance of technology in today’s business cannot be over emphasized as cost are going through the roof and project deadlines are becoming critical, Carmen’s seek to support our clients deal with these frustrations.

We choose to recognize and foster the excellence in others and bring that into the fold of our technological team. Our industry partnerships represent the absolute leading minds in their fields. Our experts are actively encouraged and supported to push the boundaries in product development.

With Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment, mining companies face the vital challenge of expediting and optimizing logistics and services required to deliver the expected results; Carmen’s is here to help the industries manage these environments. Through dedicated, on-going research and development, we invest in the most effective and efficient systems. As such, the technologies we sell has been quickly adopted by other providers, setting the industry standard.

Our Work

We recognise the need for the industry to meet deadlines in any form and for that, our employees work daily to find newer, effective and efficient ways to deliver our services. The company was established after its members have spent several decades in the mining and its allied Industry.

No matter how remote you are, we will still help you meet your deadline.

Our Mission

Carmen’s Logistics Mission is dedicated to understanding the industry’s expectations, identifying and developing opportunities though technology that will enhance customer supply chain strategies. We are committed to continuous process improvement through leadership, innovation, and technology. We are committed

No matter how remote you are, we will still help you meet your deadline.

  • To deliver superior value to our customers
  • To create growth and development opportunities and a safe work environment for our employees
  • To generate profitable growth for our company


Our Vision

To provide the most effective and efficient world class logistics and support service to Mining and its allied industry.

Our Values

Safety, Quality, Delivery, Innovation and Respect