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About Us - Randi's

Randi Engineering and Construction Limited provides complete construction solution through general contracting and construction management services by applying creativity and innovation to deliver maximum return on investment for clients in diverse market sectors across Ghana and the sub region.

Our History

Randi Construction as a small local business unit in Takoradi in the Western Region. The company today has grown into a full time construction company with over 100 employee, most of which are professionals. Randi construction maintains a flat management system where accessibility, communication and interaction between executive management and employees in the field are common place without any bureaucratic hierarchy. This structure promotes a collaborative exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences among workers, resulting in effective collaborations, team effort, trust, cost-saving efficiency, effectiveness, time saving, innovative ideas, and high productivity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build trust among our employees, partners and client to form lasting relationships by leading the construction industry through integrity and values to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in commercial construction, achieving excellence, a preeminent reputation, and a dedication to strong partnerships.

Our Core Values


Our core values are the framework that shape Choate Construction each day. Whether in the office or out on a jobsite, our core values are the embodiment of how we conduct business. As Choate continues to grow and our volume of work evolves, these core values remain timeless and steadfast, providing a solid foundation for future success. Simply put, this is who we are.

  • Safety – zero accidents safety culture. Randi construction ensures the safety of workers and partners become the company’s priority. Safety is maintained through implementation of organized safety programs, mandatory safety training, detailed site specific safety plans, personal accountability and safety incentives. We teach, preach, practice and breath safety.
  • Quality and Operational Excellence – quality is not an end result but a continual process throughout the project. From the inception of the project to project completion, quality is maintained at every phase of the project. Unlike traditional quality control process where checklist are used at project completion to verify work, Randi construction implement documented quality steps throughout the project where initial quality checks, follow-up checks and final quality checks are undertaken at each project phase. Quality meetings are also held weekly to ensure project quality progress. Project operations are also executed in an exceptional manner to ensure safe, timely, cost-effective, and excellent performance on every project.
  • Stewardship and Relationships – responsibility, accountability and dedication – we make everyone happy. Randi construction are committed to protecting resources under their care. The company maintains responsibility to employees, partners, and the community. Through team building efforts and trust, long lasting relationships are built with our employees, partners and clients. About 70 percent of our projects are with returning clients.
  • Integrity and Fairness – good name is better than riches. Randi construction apply ethical behavior in all projects. We do what is ethical and do not compromise on our standards. We strive to build trust, approaching each project and client with fairness and honesty knowing that good name and good reputation is means a lot.
  • Sustainability and Continuous improvement – a look into the future. Randi construction takes sustainability very serious. As such, all projects are designed, planned and executed to be sustainable. We believe the future depends on steps we take now. Therefore whether it is our client’s requirement or not, our company make informed construction decisions that are environmentally beneficial, use appropriate technology to ensure sustainability without exceeding project budget.
  • Innovation and Technology – cutting edge construction – we do not settle for less. Randi construction sees the sky as the limit. We therefore employ advanced technology and research in all our project. We rigorously work to abreast ourselves with the latest technologies and implement these in our project. Hence every project is unique and different. We encourage invention and creativity. We listen and learn from our customers and challenge ourselves to seek creative solutions to meet their needs

From Beginning to End, We Deliver

Randi construction works closely with project owners, designers, planners, communities and the public to develop an innovative, efficient construction plan that defines the project goals and delivers quality standards in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. The plan is then communicated to all team members and is monitored throughout the project. From project inception to closeout, project control system is put in place to ensure proper checks and balances. This is to ensure projects are well executed and delivered in excellent manner that meets and exceeds clients expectation. Some projects undertaken by the company includes but not limited to;

  • Earthwork s & site leverage preparation of site for the construction of Essipon Stadium. Under Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan
  • Earthworks & Haulage preparation of site for Essipon stadium. Under Sekondi –Takoradi Metropolitan
  • Earthworks & Haulage preparation of site for Shanghai construction of China under Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan
  • Excavation and constructions of drainages at Takoradi under department of urban roads.
  • Excavation and constructions of drainages at Cape Coast under department of urban roads.
  • Instillation of re-roofing and painting works at Takoradi Harbour under Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority